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Many people have said "Jeni and Sylvie how do you get your horses so willing and brave to attempt knew obstacles, they barely fuss and definitly don't panic! And they are only young or straight off the track doing better than mine which i have owned for years, i wish i could do that could you teach me"


So after a lot of thought we have decided to give it a go with helping passionate horsey people who want a better understanding with their horse/pony, helping you to see potencial dangers/hazards before they become accidents, Learning on how to stay safe around horses, better handling skills, working through problems wether on ground, ridden or floating, Confidence issues either on the horse's side or the rider etc...

All whilst having an absolute blast!


So a little bit about who we are;


Sylvie and Jeni has been riding since the age of 4yo and always had the horse passion!


Sylvie as a young lady was one of the first women Flat Race Jockeys, she then followed Jeni's Passion for Show Jumping where they both did extremely well with many winnings at 1.25m with Off the track thoroughbreds, Sylvie and Jeni are the ones that RESCUED and started the GREAT "AP NINJA" in Show jumping and matched him with a Rider that they felt would do him justice which it certainly has as he has become a successful World cup Show jumper.


The Girls both enjoy a variety of disciplines XC Derby's, Cowboy challenge, Working Equitation, etc... They simply love anything horses!  


Jeni also professionally Breaks in horses, which she learnt from her mum but Sylvie reckons thats a spring chickens job so she leaves that part to Jeni but no doubt after Jeni has broken them in in their hoslitic way Sylvie is back on the youngsters to continue there progress, Jeni has dealt with Kaimanawa's, Wild Ponies/Horses as well as Quality bred warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Purpose bred Kiwi X-breds etc.....


But they mainly enjoy looking after TB's who resumed their racing careers as they both feel they deserve a second chance as they are extraordinary horses with big hearts and have taught them so much from working with them. 

Now Sylvie & Jeni thoroughly enjoy "Working equitation" which a traditional Portuguese Dressage based discipline, which is to demonstrate the traditional work you would do on a farm with your horse, it sounds rather simple but the subtlety of the sport is what makes it so challenging, its about how good a communication and training you can develop between you and your horse, they reckon "Once you try it you will be hooked, its magic!" It somewhat is Dressage with a purpose.


They are both great believer's in horsemanship as they don't believe in forceful and abusive training methods, they feels that was a thing of the past and things have evolved since.


Horsemanship is a very powerful in reaching your goals faster than expected, they believe in finding the source of a problem to remedy the actual issue and have done so with many horses with floating issues, spookiness, bolting, bucking, rearing, stopping at jumps, bad ground manners etc....


Sylvie and Jeni always say; 

"You will be amazed what a little horsemanship can do, if done right, as its all about reading the signs your horse tells you, you miss the signs and you end up getting nowhere thats where years of experience matters so after 3 generation in our family in horses, we can confidently say we have a decent understanding, Hence we are keen to share our knowledge with others" 


Both Sylvie & Jeni is a very practical, straight forward, Positive and understanding ladies and love to give people confidence.


"There is no shame in having fears and that's what we are here for, to help you overcome these fears or troubles, we love a good laugh and always try to keep things simple, relaxed so if you think you or even a couple friends, adult clubs would like some assistance and helpful advice, coaching, we would be more than happy to help you with your beloved horses/ponies so get in touch."


Happy to do Weekdays or Weekends, Groups, clinics, or private lessons, so send me a an email or call us on 092356328 or text us on 02102871933 :) 

Based in South Auckland but happy to travel for large groups. Or Groups are welcome to take their horses with them and stay at my Luxurious Glamping and have a private clinic at my lovely facility. When we are open for the season.


Lessons: wether its improving your riding, wanting to jump, working equitation training, problem solving issues with you and your horse and lots more...1hour $60


Ground work Eduction eg; ground manners, leading, lunging, general handling, floating $150wk


Introduction to obstacles eg; Jumps, working equitation gear, cowboy challenge gear $200 wk


Schooling under saddle $200 wk


Taking out to new places or 1st show eg; farmland, beach, forestry,  $200wk


One off ride $80 ride.

1 day or 2 day Clinic pricing upon application.

*as it depends on group sizes, area we need to travel, wether its for 1-2days, Issues we will be working on  etc...

Based in Waiuku south Auckland happy to teach at private or club arena's.

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