Rider Health & Wellbeing...

A Healthy rider is a safer and more confident rider, food for thought....


Im not talking about being skin and bone not at all, just feeling your personal best....

Are you having any of the following?:

~Joint pain


~Muscle fatigue or pain


~Stiffness lack of mobility




~Lack of concentration


~Lack of confidence and self esteem


~Would like to shed one or two stubborn kilos...

With over 35years in the health industry Sylvie has helped 1000's of Kiwi women reach their goals and improve there overall wellbeing.

Its all about feeling your personal best that makes a drastic change on your daily life and you would be surprised at how simple a few changes can revolutionize your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Sylvie at age 56yo is living proof that you can still feel good and look good at any stage of your life she certainly gives her 26yo daughter a good run for her money when they are out riding horses ;)

So if you are ready for a kick start your health and like what you see...

contact us today and see what we can especially for you.

The program is adapted to each and every person it is not one solution suits all as we all have different lifestyles, circumstances and different goals.

We have technology that we imported from Paris valued in the $100K that we use to give a non invasive deep tissue massage,that has proven to help improve blood circulation, skin tone, muscles aches and fatigue, break down fat and cellulite in stubborn places etc... This machine has been used to treat top athletes to accelerate muscle recovery and as a beauty and weight loss stimulant that has been proven successful worldwide, so it is beneficial for everyone.

And the results Speak for themselves....

We have on offer:


Personalized health Combo programs of 6-12weeks depending on your goals and needs.

We have bootcamp package for riders who want to have a full transformation not only in health and but also in there riding where we include a clinic suited to your needs.

We have health bootcamps for Non-riders as well we simply cater for all.

To find out more contact:


Jeni or Sylvie on 092356326


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Call: (09)2356328   Email: j.imperialstud@gmail.com

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