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Frequently asked questions

What is your opinion with horses on grass all year round?

Well if you have a scientific way of knowing the content of the grass not so much the sugar levels but Toxicity like in Rye Grass, one between many other species of grasses in NZ that cause dangerous side effects, then i think it would be fair to say you would be a millionaire with such a gift as more than one of us horse owners would do anything to know when it is safe to have our horses on grass or not. So many accidents happen due to grass affected horses that many owners not even realising its the grass affecting their poor horses attitude, spending thousands of dollars on products, trainers, vet bills and worse getting severally injured.... ALL horses REACT it's like if i was to say to you "Hey Im on Crack but it doesn't affect me" yeah right!!!! dealing with a grass affected horse is like trying to reason with a terribly intoxicated human being its simply impossible! They all get affected but in different ways: * Extreme spookiness.... * Hypersensitivity to touch... * Wild behaviour to the point they don't let you catch them and act like they scared of you all in a sudden!... * Turn into Bucking Bronco's, when they use to be absolute darling kick alongs... * Sudden Unpredictable behaviour such as Bolting, rearing, shying every 2 seconds of the ride... * Some become Aggressive mostly entires eg: mares, Biting or kicking... * Head flicking, hives, skin dermatitis etc... So A good rule of Thumb is when it is warm and humid like Autumn and Spring, GRASS is a big no no, it is as simple as that to stay safe or get injured at one point or another, so spraying off a small area for a short time of the year and feeding hay is not the end of the world and well worth our safety as riders and our horses wellbeing.

Is Imperial Equine Second chance only a rescue mission?

Not at all we also produce top Quality horses from scratch, we carefully pick quality NZ bred horses and break them in and train them how we feel a young horse should be started. With 3 generation in the horse world from My Grandfather being an a Successful Jockey on Flat, steeplechase, Cross Country racing, my mother was the first women Jockey in Switzerland winning numerous races. Myself going on quiet the opposite direction with Successful Show jumping achievements, Also did the racehorse training on Flat, even pacers! Also Derby's & Working equitation, Cowboy challenge etc... But to be honest my main passion is just working with horses i cant say I'm a big competition addict i enjoy it but i enjoy more Breaking in Wild horses, Re-training Thoroughbreds after racing, Producing Top Quality warmbloods and seeing them go all the way with their new owner it makes me so happy to see a good partnership! We are also great believer's in Natural Horsemanship which gives us a variety of experience in the horse world, so we do have a wee bit of experience to Start these beautiful horses in a professional humane manner, to prepare them for what we feel they will have the most talent and pleasure in life, such as Jumping, Dressage, Cowboy challenge, Working equitation, trekking etc.... Anyone who has had a well broken in, well trained young horse will know the delight it is to go out and enjoy themselves, to have horse to make your own, its like no other experience and not the scary experience so many misinformed people make it out to be! We are living proof going to competition with 4yo-5yo horses going over all the obstacles wether it's Jumping or even working equitation/cowboy challenge, our young horses show no dirt, are not fazed, show willingness in their hearts to please and complete the courses with good attitude, whilst others couldn't even complete the course on 12-16year olds or even older horses, warmbloods, X-breds, ponies etc... How a horse is trained is the key to success. Like we always say Age does not make the temperament of the horse either they are Calm, Safe, Willing & Kind natured or their not, no age, no breed, colour, will change that! So we have many living proof's that a well trained young horse can be SAFER and far more enjoyable than an older Ruined horse that has been either through to many hands or simply in the wrong hands, get away with bad habits that will be very hard to eliminate without an expert's hand. Age is only relevant when you want to compete at the highest level of competition immediately, so if you want to go "Olympic cup jumping or international Dressage" then yes age would matter as its only with age that anyone or any horse gains enough experience for the highest level but then you have to ask yourself why would they sell such a good horse unless its for a small fortune.... We all know how hard it is to find a good horse so trust me everyone keeps onto the really good ones, unlike us we are not high level competition stable we simply take pride in training young horses properly, starting them off their first few season, so people can then go out and about to enjoy a well schooled horse to succeed in whatever they desire. We also rescued & restarted from scratch the NOW Great "AP Ninja" whom ended up an Olympic Cup Show jumper, internationally. We bred and started the Stunning "Tennessee Waltz" now competing in Grand prix Show jumping as with: "Imperial Silver shadow, Imperial Jolis Couer, Imperial Monte Cristo, Imperial Imperial L'empereur became superb Dressage horse as with Imperial Leonardo D'avinci" etc...

What Can a buyer expect when buying a horse you have produced?

For starters you will be astonished by their impeccable ground manners we are very fussy about ground manners, there is nothing worse than a disrespectful horse who walks all over you, nips/bites, kicks when you ask to pick there feet, doesn't load on the float without a fight, it plain & simply becomes dangerous. Hence we also educate our horses on the ground and clients always remark on wonderful they are to handle, finger touch and so respectful! You can actually bond rather than argue with your horse... Now ridden, all horses have different natures which makes horses so great to work with! they are all different and have their cute interesting characters, but one thing buyers always appreciate is how soft in the hand are horses are, so easy and responsive to turn and stop, they actually have brakes! They are easy going on the leg aids, no need to kick, kick, kick... they are willing to go everywhere and give anything go that you face them with, as we develop a brave and positive attitude and that is all thanks to our years experience in training horses. As what we aim for in the end is our horses happy and trustworthy of their riders, eager to please. They haven't been through 3-4 homes before they get to you, so they haven't been handled differently or abused they are not problem horses you are having to forever fix vices, they are well trained horses ready to give you a lifetime partnership of enjoyment.

What is Imperial Equine Second chance?

Well its exactly what is means Giving our equine friends a second chance wether it is a Show jumper that has had enough, Ex-racehorses, Ex-Whatever the discipline, just giving a new chance at a new discipline i think many of us will agree often human error is often the cause for a horse not going as they could and they deserve a new go to be someone's best mate all over again.

What is the secret behind your success in matching horse and riders?

Honesty is the biggest secret! To many sellers our days try to sale their horse as a perfect schoolmaster that is also an olympic prospect, that is also good for nana and bubba to hop on... and i think buyers are tired of this and appreciate us for our honesty to sale horses for who they are. As we believe there is someone out there for each and every horse, not all of us are looking for a top show jumper/Competitive horses. Some of us actually just want a safe, been there done that attitude kind of horses, for some all round fun.

You have a very serious Re-training program can you tell me more about it?

Yes we do, it is one thing to care about the welfare of these lovely horses but it is also most important to keep our riders SAFE so we take our re-training process very seriously. And we do not let horses go until we are absolutely satisfied they are safe and ready for their new home. We keep horses anywhere from 3months upwards. That is is our biggest point of difference with other sellers, who flip horses over a few weeks we are a totally different operation altogether they do a great job in the time they have them but its only common sense that in a week or 2 a horse wont have settled down or had enough mileage at shows, group treks etc... Reason why we keep them for so long.

Is it true that in all the years you have sold horses not one person has ever fallen off or been severally injured?

Yes it is and we are proud of it! Touch wood ;) Thats really all down to experience as we don't just let people hop on and hope for the best, we demonstrate our horses before our buyers hop on and then if they feel confident which many are a bit scared or skeptical due to bad experiences with other sellers saying " oh his or she's a darling, She's so so safe, nothing to worry about" Next thing they know they are either bucked off or bolted on we have heard them all, reason why we ride the horse first in front of the buyer so they can see the movement and get a good idea before they hop on in a safe contained environment, that way it also gives us the chance to examine the level of riding of the rider and we can make the a call wether or not it will be a good match and go from there.

What is your opinion on wether to buy a mare, gelding or a colt?

Well it all depends on your future goals if you want to breed well its obvious you need a mare or colt/stallion but both need very experienced hands as they can be real handfuls. I personally prefer colts over a mare as at least you have the option to geld if there temperament changes drastically and then keep him as a lovely riding horse. As with a mare you are stuck with a bad tempered horse that you cant do much about riding wise apart from put up with her bad behaviour as its not her fault if she has pain from her reproductive system, which is often the reason behind grumpy mares, you can simply retire her for breeding if she is fit for it, thats why i say if you are looking at breeding thats fine otherwise i wouldn't see why you would take the risk, in both cases mare/colt as their is 1 in a million that will be a perfect natured Entire the rest are well known to be moody, buck due to sore ovaries in their cycle for mares and colts to keen to reproduce, leading to a real nightmare and in both cases they can be very dangerous. So for an all-round uncomplicated SAFE pleasure horse we always recommend GELDINGS they are hassle free, most often very sweet natured & quiet so what more can you ask for.

Do you Guarantee your horses will never buck, bolt or do something silly?

Do you Guarantee your horses will never buck, bolt or do something silly?​Hahaha, no-one can do that! Its like a marriage can anyone guarantee it will last forever and that one in the couple wont jump the fence, to see if the grass is better on the other side! lolAnd lets remember Horses are animals not machines thats why we love them so much, but of course what we do look for is a patterns for any bad behaviour doing something quirky once, ok, but if they repeat a certain bad behaviour or use it for any means to avoid work then that is a big no no! First we look for any signs of pain as that is usually the number one cause for behavioural issues but if no difference is made after treatment, then we have to work on eliminating the behaviour with specific training methods under an experienced rider as usually these behavioural issues are due to past riders letting a horse get away with small things to often, that then develop into greater issues, often due to riders who feel it is mean to get a handle on things, but people have to remember being disciplined is not being Violent letting things escalate is far worse for the safety of the rider and the future wellbeing of that horse.Another big thing that can affect the nature of a horse is the balance between how much Feed and work a horse is getting, reason why we give our solution on how to keep a horse Calm and as safe as can be, so when you leave with your horse you are off to a great start, you are not going home worried, having to try out 100 different feeds & management options, doing trial and errors, taking risks every time you go to ride, hoping that it has worked....We give our clients everything they need to know for a happy and successful partnership.​When you buy a horse with us you can rest assured that we will give you our honest opinion on the horses pros and cons, we will be able to advise you on its nutrition, training routine, Training tips, habits etc.... And its not because a horse is sold that we hope never to hear from you ever again, we really do encourage people to keep in touch on their journey good and the not so good news, if any, as we are always here to help, sometimes you cant help but face small challenges here and there, they are only animals and we are only human both can makes mistakes and sometimes a little assistance can make the whole difference to getting back on track! ​We also encourage our clients to come and join us at one of our NZ riding holiday VIP Client camp with their horse to stay with us in our stunning luxurious Glamping, and facilities so we can see your progress & perhaps also work on re-establishing the solid foundations that may have worn off a little over time, we enjoy seeing all our new owners and having a great time in a Friendly horsey environment!

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