For The Children

Is your child having trouble to mix with others, affected by bullying, is he or she extremely shy, has anxiety, lacks of self esteem, disinterested in everything you try to get him/her involved…

I have a solution to help your little treasure in become the delightful wee person that you know is hidden deep inside…

Here is my story:

My name is Jeni I came to NZ when I was 8yo all the way from Switzerland, I left everything I knew behind when I arrived, I had no friends so it was very difficult for me, plus I didn’t speak English, I felt so lonely and when I did get my head around English things were not much better…

I was Bullied at school due to my funny accent and was a bit over weight which made matters worse, I had no self esteem! I had anxiety to just turn up at school! I became very quiet & shy in public, so conscious of what people thought of me, I kept to myself and didn’t say much, so I suppose I was the perfect target for Bullies….

My mum tried to get me into gymnastics, dancing but none of it worked, I had pets which I loved so much, they made me happy when i was with them, but it didn’t help in boosting my confidence.

My mother knew I couldn’t keep on going like this as I was going downhill, would she have waited any later and depression, anxiety would have changed my life forever and not for the better.

My Mother started to bring me to riding school and immediately I reacted, the change was instant, I felt like I was part of something, I found a passion and a relief of all my worries, everything was forgotten there and then, as when you are in the presence of such majestic animals you can only be focused on one thing and one thing only, that is you and your horse, all your worries disappear and when you leave you have so many stories to tell and all these warm feelings that raise your moral, they are like a Soul healer.

By High school I was a confident young lady, I lost a lot of weight, I was much healthier and felt so much better, I finally had self esteem at last, I had plenty of friends and they all loved to hear my stories, it gave me something to share with others and such confidence in myself and bullies didn’t pick on me anymore as I was a stronger person altogether.

How it works:


It not rocket science, It’s a pure and simple method. Horses/Ponies are big animals and the fact they connect with us small people it creates a bond like no other, just the simple fact that they are kind enough to do everything we ask of them when we are a fraction of their size makes it so special it creates an untold communication between Human and Animal.

It teaches us respect, to be kind, gentle, patience. It teaches you to see and understand the slightest reactions of your own actions onto another living being, teaches one to trust, to be confident.

And let’s be honest after working with such a big animal a small bully no longer scares one as it use to… And it really does develop one’s confidence.

The benefits are amazing you don’t have to necessarily ride a horse but just working and looking after one on the ground is plenty to make an extraordinary difference.

Around the world horses are used to help soldiers with after war trauma, horses in parts of France are taken into HOSPITAL’s to go visit the sick the elderly to give them a lift of spirits! They are used extensively to help children in need or with disabilities.

So come and see us and see for yourself the difference it can make for your child’s wellbeing!

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