Equine Rehab Therapy

Do you have an injured horse but don't have enough time to give him/her the attention required for a speedy recovery?.... Or you have a potential superstar and don't believe in the "just let the horse spell for 6months in the pasture"...

Serious athletes need serious attention to reach their Full potential!

NOW available only 40min from Auckland, is your own Equine rehab Clinic!


We have Salt water Therapy renowned to speed up the healing process by reducing inflammation and localizing the blood flow to the injury prone area, coming soon Solarium, Specific Massaging machines to relax muscle tensions and strains, classic Ice packing service done 2X daily to help accelerate the healing process etc... etc...

We can help with:

* Tendon and suspensory injury.

* Shin Splints 

* Hoof problems

* Bringing back into work after long breaks, we can work along your vets advice for a speedy recovery.

 And so much more....

* Pick ups available.

We treat Racehorses Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds, Show jumpers, Dressage horses and even just your beloved Best riding buddy, we cater for all and guarantee a VIP service for each individual.

You can book your horse anywhere from 1 week to 6months we suit to each individuals requirements.

They are fed 2 twice a day and can be boxed or kept in an outdoor yard or small pasture all depending on what you horse needs.

Limited spaces and bookings to be made in advance so don't delay call today.

For more info on the Costs contact Jeni on 09 2356328 or via email : 

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Call: (09)2356328   Email: j.imperialstud@gmail.com

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