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What started NZ Riding Holidays?

Sylvie and Jeni have always had a deep passion for horses.


Sylvie started riding since she was 4years old In the Australian outback mustering cattle in Alice Springs and then returned back to Switzerland. Her father was a Swiss champion Jockey whom she followed in his footsteps and went on to win 5yearly consecutive races, then as we all know circumstances in life change which took her away from horses for a long time... 


Sylvie and her Family then moved to the beautiful country of NZ and  have never looked back!  


Her daughter Jeni then got her back into riding, Jeni has also ridden since she was very young she was only 4years old when she started. But funny enough Jeni was more interested in  Show jumping which Sylvie quickly got the liking of as well.


They were then introduced to the outstanding & exhilarating 


Portuguese discipline "Working Equitation" which


they both


got addicted to immediately! They say its an honest


proof of


Horsemanship and its all about subtlety & its also great




But For Sylvie and Jeni  the happiness of their horses is most important and what better alternative to change there minds from arena work, then to go for a relaxing ride through majestic forestry and spectacular beach rides!


This is where the girls feel NZ is so, so special! They say the land is very diverse and just spectacular an untouched beauty + there are NO predators or creepy crawly's wanting to eat you! They feel they are just so lucky to have some of the best riding in the world!

Reason why they have decided to start sharing this amazing paradise with like minded people who enjoy visiting the country on horse back.


So they really look forward to meeting you all, taking you places you would never got the chance to visit otherwise and give you a holiday to remember!


Sylvie & Jeni

NZ Riding holiday & Equine B&B


Call: (09)2356328   Email: j.imperialstud@gmail.com

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