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A Passion for horses....

What is your secret to Training and matching horses & what makes you different?


We train horses through our holistic approach, we are all about Kindness with the right balance of discipline, we let nothing go by, from;


* Ground manners which are to be impeccable, horses are to be safe, to handle in every way and respectful of their handler.


* They are Uncomplicated to load/ float/truck & travel, as there is nothing worse than a horse that doesn't travel well or doesn't want to load, its stressful and frustrating+ unsafe.

* We professionally school our horses to be responsive to leg aids, we train them to be Light on the contact so they actually have BRAKES! we also train horses to listen to seat aids, half pass, yield, flying changes, to back up, to start on correct leads, Have balance paces, jumping etc.... Depending on the age of the horse will guide how much we can train into them by still keeping them happy and sound. 

* Our horses are also trained and desensitised to spooky obstacles, objects, machinery and load sounds etc... even if you are not wanting to do cowboy challenge, if the horse accepts to go over noisy tarpaulins, scary bridges, noodles tapping their legs, going through noisy rubbish pass, happy to carry a load flapping flag, to be able to pick up things from your horses back safely etc... in safe well behaved manner, it will only improve your horses acceptance to new things, make it more level headed incase of an unexpected scary/dangerous situation, so in the end it makes our horses more reliable for what ever you want to do, wether it is dressage, Jumping, trekking etc...

* We train our horses over different terrains, and locations eg; Forestry/Beach/Farmland/Arena's/Clubs/Shows  to make sure they well mannered out and about. As there is nothing worse than a horse that gets overwhelmed by new environments, scared of different patches of dry or wet sand/afraid of the sea, spooking at any different bush,tree or track, unwilling to walk past a shed without bolting past it... scared of the stack of haylage, scared around every corner of the arena or club etc... Thats what many people forget when we train our horses we aim to look at every eventuality that is the extent of our training.


* We also look at possible behavioural issues like laziness and tendencies to want to stay at the stable or with their friends/separation anxiety. 


* We make sure our horses are fit for the purpose we are selling them for.


*We are very fussy with who we match our horses with as we want a happy and safe partnership & believe there is a horse out there for every Rider and lying to get a sale is not in our books, as we have been in buyers shoes reading adds like: " Perfect horse, top class jumper & dressage mount+ safe trekker, oh and lets not forget Perfect for granny and little toddlers to have a safe ride, perfect on any grass even Toxic rye has some..." I think you may get the drift and its like yeah maybe one in a million will be the perfect Olympic cup horse safe for a child to ride but its unlikely, hence we like to say what we feel the horse we are selling is most suited for.We are quiet happy to say this horse is the perfect Competition prospect but not a pleasure hack... We are not afraid to turn people down & say if a horse is not suited to a beginner... We also sale horses especially for beginners or riders getting back in the saddle, which we wont sale to someone who is to bossy on our poor wee horse etc, etc... HONESTY is what we believe in.

I guess thats what makes our clients so happy with their horses, keeping contact with us for many years some up to 10years down the track which is what makes us so happy and feel we achieved a perfect match!

What started NZ Riding Holidays tell us more?

Sylvie and Jeni have always had a deep passion for horses.


Sylvie started riding since she was 4years old In the Australian outback mustering cattle in Alice Springs and then returned back to Switzerland. Her father was a Swiss champion Jockey whom she followed in his footsteps and went on to win 5yearly consecutive races, then as we all know circumstances in life change which took her away from horses for a long time... 


Sylvie and her Family then moved to the beautiful country of NZ and  have never looked back!  


Her daughter Jeni then got Sylvie back into riding, Jeni has also ridden since she was very young she was only 4years old when she started. But funny enough Jeni was more interested in  Show jumping which Sylvie quickly got the liking of as well.

They were then introduced to the outstanding & exhilarating Portuguese discipline 

"Working Equitation" which they both got addicted to immediately!

They say its an honest proof of Horsemanship and subtlety, its also great fun! 


But For Sylvie and Jeni  the happiness of their horses is most important and what better alternative to change there minds from arena work, then to go for a relaxing ride through majestic forestry and spectacular beach rides!


This is where the girls feel NZ is so, so special! They say the land is very diverse and just spectacular an untouched beauty + there are NO predators or creepy crawly's wanting to eat you! They feel they are just so lucky to have some of the best riding in the world!

Reason why they have decided to start Anwesome Glamorous Camping Experience to share this amazing paradise with like minded people who enjoy visiting the country on horse back.

So they really look forward to meeting you all,

giving you the opportunity to go places you would never got the chance to visit otherwise and a holiday to remember!


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